Meet Us

Nickaz Australia – Austalia’s commercial fitout benchmark for over 30 years

Specialising in workplace strategy, design and construction since 1994

Consistently competing against the some of the behemoths of the construction industry, Nickaz Australia has kept its feet firmly on the ground.

We believe what makes us stand out is, no matter how big or small the project or stature of the organisation we are dealing with, no client is ever disappointed after choosing to partner with us.

Over the last 30 years, we have developed and refined our systems and processes to best suit and work with our clients unique and individual needs. This has allowed us to proceed with any project, with confidence and certainty our clients will experience the best outcome they could have imagined.

We are a family owned and operated D&C company, who also reward its loyal, highly skilled workforce with equity shares. This means, they are as invested in the success of your project as you are.

We directly employ our own team of trades professionals, some of whom have been with us throughout the company’s history. This point of difference from other fitout firms, allows us to not only better control delivery of your project, but is the main reason why we have such an outstanding reputation for quality and quality control.

At Nickaz we have such a great track record and industry wide reputation for training young stars into construction industry roles.

One of the reasons for this is we have a learning system and culture built on mentorships.

The belief in our team is this: “A Team becomes a Great Team or more than just a collection of people, when a strong sense of mutual commitment creates synergy. This generates a performance greater than the sum of its individuals or team members.

Our History

For over 30 years Nickaz Australia has been partnering with our clients to deliver seamless end to end workplace environments and solutions. Our history has taken us through working relationships with some of the biggest corporate brands in the country and abroad.