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“Our commitment to employee diversity and inclusion creates a pathway of growth and clear remuneration for your work ethic and talent.” “No Barriers”; The question is “How Far Can You Go?”

“The Nickaz Way”

When industry leaders look to your team as the benchmark

Over 30 years of experience since 1992.

Nickaz uniquely employs its own specialist trades professionals.

Our commitment to sustainable working and work-life balance is unrivalled in the industry and drives our employees to make the most out of every career opportunity in a space and team that nourishes growth, in and out of the business.

Nickaz has earned its reputation for its outstanding focus on workplace culture and its unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion amongst its ever-growing family. We practise what others only preach – flexible working, out of office connectivity and an in-house nursery and children’s room.

“The Nickaz Way” with quality formal training opportunities, coupled with on-the-job hidden learning techniques, has seen Nickaz team members rising from their first day on the job, to industry respected equity and profit shareholders within Nickaz Australia.

The first thing we work on at Nickaz with any new employees is establishing your personal life goals as well as your career goals. We then help align these with you and work side by side to create the ultimate work life balance.